Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

Q: How can I install the Casio font?
A: You have first to decompress the font with WinZIP or another decompressor (ARJ, WinRAR...). Then, in Windows do: Start>>Parameters>>Configuration Panel. Then, click on the icon "Font", and do "File">>"Install a new font". Finally just select the casio font ("CasioFX") in the corresponding folder.

Q: Is it possible to send directly a downloaded program to  a calculator.
A: The FXI format and the CAT format are used for casio--PC softwares, able to send programs to the calculator. So just download programs in FXI or CAT format (if you have FX-Interface or FA-122).

Q: What can I do to to display small letters or special characters on my calculator?
A: The one way to display small letters is to have a PC--Casio (or Mac--Casio) interface and to transmit those small letters from a transfer software. Some special symbols ($,@,%,_,|,...) are'nt avaiable directly with the Casio but can be transfered. The way to proceed is the same to obtain those characters.

Q: It is written in this site that it's possible to program in assembler on the Grapj100 (AlgebraFX2). Is it really possible?
A: In fact it's only possible in theory to program in assembler on the Graph100 (AlgebraFX2). But the problem is that Casio still don't have a project of an assembler devellopping software. However it's possible to download new versions of applications already in the calculator. (those improvements avaiable will be downloadable from my site).

Q: Is it possible to connect a Graph100 (AlgebraFX2) with another Casio calculator?
A: The one connection possible is from an "older" calculator (CFX9850G, Graph30, 60, 65, 80, CFX-8930...) to the Graph100 (AlgebraFX2). You have to do like that: prepare the calculator to send, then on the Graph100 go to 'LINK' then type [F4] [F5] [F6] successively (the calculator displays "Receivieng..."). In order to manage to receive  programs, the memory of the calculator must not be full (you can store your programs in FlashRAM). It isn't possible to send programs from a Graph100 to a different calculator.

Q: I own a Graph100 (AlgebraFX2) and I don't fint the ' => ' character. How can I resolve this problem?
A: Actually the arrow don't seems to be on the Graph100 (AlgebraFX2). To remedy this problem, if you own a casio--PC or a casio--Mac interface, just send this character (into a program) to your calculator, and insert it where you want with the Copy/Paste functions. If you don't own a micro--casio interface, you can the same with an "older" calculator with a casio--casio cable. If you haven't any cable, you'll have to replace the ' =>' by 'If' with the following syntax: => will be translated to: If : Then : IfEnd.

Q: I don't find the minus letters or even some special characters like '$', '@', '&' ... However these characters are used in some programs of this site.
R: In fact, I use sometimes this sort of characters in my programs do make them more readable. To use these characters, you need to receive them from a computer or another calculator owning them. You can type them in a program in the link software, on your computer, then transmit it on your calculator. Then, just use "copy/paste" to use them in your programs (to "copy/paste", you can use the technique I give in my part "Tricks").

Q: I've got a Graph25 and I don't manage to find some statements like GetKey, Locate...
R: On some casio calculators (old calculators, Graph25...) some statements are missing. So it is often impossible to run a game on these calculators. However, it may be possible to translate them following the instructions I give in my part "Translation".


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